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Home Inspections

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Hello SEATTLE residents! It is 3 tree’s way of thinking that an inspection is only a inspection if its a complete one. In addition to the home inspection, we also provide a Dry Rot & Pest inspection and a Thermal image scan – all for an affordable price. We provide all in one home inspection services in SEATTLE area.

Zip Code: 98101, 98102, 98104, 98105, 98108, 98109 , 98112, 98113, 98114, 98117, 98103, 98106, 98107
Area: Bainbridge Island ,WA – Bellevue ,WA – Bothell ,WA – Bremerton ,WA – Indianola ,WA – Kenmore ,WA – Keyport ,WA – Kirkland ,WA

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At 3 Tree Home inspection, we feel it’s our job to not only inspect, but to educate you on how to maintain your home. During our inspection we take the time to show you where your emergency shut-offs are for the gas, water and electric service. We also review any issues found on site with you. Afterwards, we will provide you a maintenance book with helpful information on how to best take care of your home. If you are a resident of SEATTLE make sure to contact us today! We got you covered in SEATTLE.

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3 Tree Home Inspection